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Yoga & Pilates Instructor / Om Studios Owner
Lindsay is a passionate advocate of the complimenting disciplines of Pilates and yoga. Her classes combine the focus, breath and mindset of yoga while maintaining the detail of Pilates instruction. She is dedicated to sharing the joy, challenges and rewards of deep conscious movement with her students. Lindsay is a certified Balanced Body Pilates instructor and completed her 500hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2010. Lindsay recently took over ownership of Om Studios in 2016 and has loved being apart of this special community in Monterey Bay.
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Pilates Instructor
Katie is a yoga instructor trained by Coral Brown in the Prana Flow style of Vinyasa yoga. She believes yoga to be a powerful vehicle for change and personal evolution both on and off the mat. Katie shares her passion for yoga by providing students with the opportunity to challenge themselves while embodying postures that energetically align the breath, body and mind. Katie is a certified Balanced Body Pilates instructor and leads private and group reformer sessions. With a chronic history of sciatica, Katie has been working towards a body that functions in balance and has found Pilates to be the perfect complement to her practice. She shares the excitement she has experienced from this healing movement practice with others as an instructor. As a certified Burn at the Barre instructor, Katie is able to express her childhood love for dance while teaching this ballet-based exercise. Her classes emphasize small isometric movements targeting each muscle group, which will have your hips moving and legs shaking. She creates a fun and playful environment for you to cultivate a stronger and leaner physique. When Katie is not instructing, she manages both the Carmel and Monterey Om Studio locations. She spends a great deal of time with her family and friends, and enjoys running and hiking along the beautiful Central Coast.
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Yoga Instructor
Michael began practicing yoga in 2003 and developed a deep connection to the practice. She completed her first Yoga Teacher Training in the Vinyasa Flow style of yoga in 2008. Since her initial certification, Michael has continued her yoga studies through numerous workshops and additional teacher trainings and continues to be inspired by her many teachers. Michael's yoga classes are a blend of the many styles she has studied. She places an emphasis on knowing and honoring one's own limitations, while at the same time encouraging growth through mindfulness and balanced effort. "Yoga is not about a destination, but a journey. Along the way we meet obstacles but we continue to strive to reveal our own inner light through a deep connection to our true selves."
Yoga Instructor
Teaching yoga since 2011, Kiara has taught classes in the yoga studio and gyms, at resorts, in corporate offices, juvenile centers and country clubs. She has taught to at-risk youth, celebrities, varying kinds of athletes, individual’s suffering with physical and psychological illness and to advanced and beginning yogis. Recognized by lululemon athletica as an exceptional yoga instructor, she has been a lulu ambassador since March of 2016. Kiara’s personal practice spans nearly twenty years and in that time she has learned from innumerable teachers. However, it was in her years working for Yoga Journal magazine that she holds most dearly; her time on the Yoga Journal Events team afforded her the ability to practice and learn from all the world-renowned yoga instructors. Over the years, Kiara has studied various modalities that have helped hone the unique form of yoga she teaches: Ki Yoga.  The name was born from the Japanese concept of life-force energy and her own personal nickname, Ki. Working with the Ki in her classes, she has created a method that supercharges the practice by combining subtle energy techniques to the yoga postures we know and love. Kiara’s classes vary in intensity, but always emphasize alignment through a keen understanding of functional anatomy. The alignment she seeks to find in her student’s bodies she also seeks to find in their subtle energy body too, bringing the greatest sense of wellbeing and balance to her students. In addition to working with private clients and group classes, Kiara is also co-founder and Lead Instructor of Satyam Yoga Teacher Training. A 200-hour training program aimed at bringing unique, informed new teachers into the world. TRAINING & CERTIFICATIONS • CPR, AED and First Aid, Current • Touch For Health Level 1, April 2017 • Reiki Certification Level 3, February 2017 • Yoga Alliance Continued Education Provider, 2016 • Prenatal Yoga Training, March 2015 • CranioSacral Therapy 1, February 2015 • 60 Hours Thai Massage, February 2014 • Art of Yoga Training Certification (Trauma & Youth), April 2013 • YogaWorks 75-Hour Bridge, September 2012 • 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, June 2011 • Certified Hypnotherapist, February 2011
Yoga Instructor
Lynn Cordell discovered the beauty of the yoga practice in 2000 and has been teaching yoga since the spring of 2006. She is registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-200 RYT level. Over the years, Lynn has taught various styles of yoga classes as well as having lead 200 hr teacher training programs. Lynn believes in delivering a yoga practice that meets the needs of the students on many levels. She enjoys rigorous, athletic movement that strengthens the body and challenges the mind while bringing students to their edge. She truly believes a student must understand the "why" of the practice to get through the "how" of the practice. Lynn uses humor, music, and information to keep students motivated, interested, and engaged while challenging them physically and mentally. She enjoys making hands on adjustments as well as specific verbal cues for alignment. Lynn leads yoga classes that can leave you both elated and exhausted.
Yoga Instructor
"Megan’s mission in life is to inspire, elevate, and educate as many people as possible in the practice of yoga and to encourage each student to live to their fullest, most creative, and most joyful potential! She teaches a variety of events, workshops, donation classes as well as yoga in schools throughout the Monterey Area. Megan received her 200 R.Y.T. certification in Los Angeles in 2013 and since has been teaching full time. She considers Om her “home studio” and loves the building and connecting to the community. Her passion for bringing wellness to others has deepended since teaching yoga to children and mothers like herself. She currently teaches grades K-12 and hosts yoga kids camps over the summer. As a yoga teacher her goal is to share the theme of presence, connection and the inner peace in every moment. You can expect a range from a peaceful and relaxing mellow flow class to an energetic sweat-inducing vinyasa-style power yoga. She infuses her passion for yoga in each posture, giving encouraging cues with particular emphasis on the breath, playfulness, and enjoyment of the present moment. “I aim to connect students to their inner world. I believe the strengthening of what we cannot see leads to the connection we most desire."
Yoga Instructor
Ariel is a Vinyasa Yoga certified instructor at the 200-hour level. She teaches a wide variety of yoga, barre, and other fitness classes throughout Monterey Bay, and draws on her extensive formal training in ballet, group exercise, and private personal training (NASM, CPT). Whether in a group setting or private session, she aims to offer safe, precise instruction and an authentic message—show up for your practice, be yourself, and enjoy the journey."
Pilates Instructor
Trudy is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, and currently teaches Private Sessions and Group classes around the Monterey Peninsula. Trudy trained at a local studio that follows the PMA certified teaching program. In addition to the formal training program, Trudy has mentored under prominent local and San Francisco-based Pilates instructors and feels fortunate to be teaching in her hometown of Monterey. She believes Pilates is the perfect platform for obtaining overall health and vitality through developing a strong connection between mind and body and to further this objective; Trudy is currently enrolled in the Satyam Yoga Teacher Training here at Om Studios. She anticipates receiving her Yoga Alliance certification in March 2017. Trudy is passionate about sharing a supportive and challenging workout with her clients. On weekends, she loves to stretch beyond the studio and explore the hiking trails of Carmel Valley and Big Sur, or take her Maltese, KC, to Carmel Beach.
Yoga Instructor
Sarah-Jane holds a deep curiosity, fascination, and appreciation for the human body. Throughout her life she has continued to find an undeniable connection between thriving health and the interconnectedness of mind, body and soul. Yoga has become one of the beautiful spaces where this interconnectedness occurs and continues to challenge her in all three aspects. Sarah-Jane earned her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification here at Om Studios and enjoys teaching various formats of yoga from heated vinyasa to yoga sculpt. Her mission is to offer a space where students can come and experience both challenge and ease, compassion and appreciation, deepened awareness of the self and of others, and ultimately leave class feeling better equipped for life off the mat. Sarah-Jane will be continuing her education to become a Coach for body therapy, which focuses on the nervous system as it relates to stress, anxiety and trauma. She hopes to use this training to deepen and transform her teaching as she learns to intertwine this knowledge of the body and nervous system with the yoga practice.
Yoga Instructor
Gennica Cochran 500 HR EYT, began teaching yoga after attending Mount Madonna School of Yoga in 2010, where she was inspired by the teachings of Baba Har Dass to live a life dedicated to service, compassion, and grace. She has completed training in Restorative, Pre-Natal, Classical Ashtanga (Raja) Yoga, and received her 300HR Advanced certification with Jason Crandell in 2016. Gennica’s classes encourage students to explore their practice with intention, focus and humility by combining breath awareness and skillful movement while also drawing on her love of the earth and cosmos. Each class features threads of inspiration cultivated by the wisdom of the seasons and cycles of the moon, creating a greater understanding of the truth of who we are: powerful, connected, intuitive beings. For more information, visit cosmictoro.com.
Yoga Instructor
Kate started her yoga journey in Philadelphia over ten years ago, where she first came to know and love the sacred space and community that yoga creates. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, she spent time living abroad in Spain, deepening her love of culture and travel. Understanding the underlying unity pulsing through our planet, she has dedicated her life to service, spending over seven years working for non-profit organizations. While living in LA, Kate completed her Holistic Health Certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It was then that she took the leap of faith and booked a flight to India, completing her 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Certification through the Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. She has been trained in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga- asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, and yoga therapy. While in India, she also studied Reiki with a powerful teacher named Maayaa. Kate’s unique training in India allows for her teaching to combine ancient yogic technique with modern understanding, creating a felt energetic experience of alignment and balance. She currently teaches all over Monterey & Carmel, California. Stay up to date on upcoming posts, classes & retreats at www.yogarise.org.
Yoga Instructor
Katherine began her practice and study of yoga over 25 years ago at the 92nd Street Y in NYC. Originally schooled in the fundamentals of Iyengar and Hatha, Katherine has expanded her practice through the exploration of other yoga forms. After many years of a corporate career with lots of interesting travel and unique challenges, Katherine decided to pull back a bit to focus more fully on her study of yoga. She completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training with Satyam at OmOasis in Carmel/Monterey. What was originally intended as a deeper understanding of yoga led to the unexpected honor of teaching. Katherine is currently teaching Yin Yoga which is especially relevant as we all need some extra time for personal grounding and introspection. I love being a perpetual student of yoga and sharing my insights and learnings through teaching. Every session on the mat continues the journey!
Yoga Instructor
Paulina is a 200 HR RYT who began teaching yoga in 2016 in Santa Barbara. While she has studied with various teachers, her greatest influences are Ryan & Stephanie Besler. Since the moment she first stepped on a mat she knew her journey into yoga would be a life-long practice and she considers herself to always be a student of yoga. Her classes infuse strength, foundation and are rooted in philosophy. Paulina will be in service to help you connect to the physical strength and playful nature of the asana practice, coupled with learning the deep roots of the language and philosophy of the practice to ultimately tap into your center - your true nature, your joy.
Barre Instructor
For as long as she can remember, Autumn has been dancing. She has studied jazz, ballet and tap, and was a cheerleader through high school in Fresno, CA. She moved to Monterey eight years ago to earn her B.S. in Marketing from California State University of Monterey Bay (CSUMB). She took her first barre class three years ago to help tone and strengthen her whole body and immediately fell in love. After seeing her body build lean muscles from the small isometric movements, cardio, and strength training, she knew she wanted to share her passion for fitness and dance with others. In 2017, she received her certification to teach barre from the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association (IBBFA) and tailors her classes to be fun and upbeat, with various challenges added in to make sure you feel the burn.
Barre Instructor
Courtney Grimes is a lifelong fitness enthusiast. Her first love is running, but she discovered Barre in 2011 while living in Southern California, and found it to be the perfect compliment to cardio workouts, as well as transformative for muscle toning and strengthening. After practicing barre as a student, Courtney decided to share her passion for the workout with others and became a certified instructor through the Pilates Sports Center. Courtney's goal is to provide fun and challenging workouts that will leave clients feeling stronger and more confident!
Yoga Instructor
Music was my introduction to the arts which naturally led to my love of dance and whole body wellbeing. As a teenager I discovered a passion for physical fitness. My first aerobics class I was instantly hooked, blending music and fitness together. This was the catalyst that has driven me to explore and discover the many ways I can connect to mind, body, and spirit. In 2008, I decided to experience dance on a whole new level and registered for ballet and modern at Monterey Peninsula College. After taking a couple of semesters, I wanted to improve my balance, flexibility, and stamina. A dear friend of mine suggested I give yoga a whirl. Following my bliss led me to the world of yoga and its beautiful kinship with dance. Being in the moment, connecting and moving with breath, letting go of the ego, and opening up to a higher consciousness has enhanced my ability, not only in dance, but in life itself. This experience gave me the desire to dive deeper into my yoga practice. In 2016, I completed my 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training, rooted in Hatha Yoga, at The Yoga Center of Carmel. I’m also registered with Yoga Alliance. In 2017, I received my certification for Buti Yoga at Body In Motion Pilates Studio. As a teacher I hope to be a guiding light for students on their yoga path, opening an awareness and connection to body, breath, and mind; help them tap into their inner power, the love and wisdom they carry within. When I am not on my mat or bare foot, raising my vibration, on the studio floor, I work full time as a Registered Dental Assistant in Monterey. Which I've had the pleasure doing for 20 years. “Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, creates the symphony of life.” ~ BKS Iyengar
Yoga & Barre Instructor
Chelsea Browne first came to yoga during her college years while recovering from an eating disorder. It was through yoga that Chelsea was able to reconnect with her body in a healthy way and began to cultivate a mindset of mindfulness and self-love. Chelsea completed her 200-hour RYT training in November of 2017 at NOW Power Yoga in Corte Madera, CA and has been loving the vibrant yoga and wellness culture in Monterey. Chelsea enjoys teaching many varieties of yoga from heated vinyasa to hatha to power flow. All of Chelsea’s classes have a strong focus on alignment and breath which allows students to connect with their own bodies in a new and exciting way. Chelsea is also in the process of becoming a certified IBBFA Barre instructor. Whether you are in barre or yoga, Chelsea strives to infuse gratitude and fun into all of her classes while challenging all students to push themselves out of their comfort zones and build confidence in their abilities.
Yoga Teacher
Krystal began her yoga practice in 2013, and without knowing it, set her first intentions: balance and grace. In the following year, she practiced under the supervision of Ayurvedic Yoga Practitioner Lulu Peelle which freed her from the pains of disordered eating. After her profound personal experience through receiving personalized yoga instruction, Krystal perused her RYT200 certification in August 2015 from the Soul of Yoga Institute in Encinitas, CA. Today, Krystal shares her sense of humor and personal experience coupled with a straight-forward teaching approach in her classes which focus on alignments, well-balanced sequences, and sustained postures. These elements lead to the development of inner-peace and deeper personal awareness. “It’s merely my role as a teacher to facilitate the experience and hold space for each student along their path to finding the intuitive teacher within them.” Through daily prayer and meditation, Krystal continues to broaden her personal spiritual foundation and practice.
Yoga Teacher
Giaco is a 300hr certified Jivamukti Yoga instructor and completed his training at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY. He worked closely as an assistant to the co-founders of Jivamukti Yoga, David Life and Sharon Gannon, while living on their property and gained an intimate and deep understanding of Jivamukti Yoga during this time. He is passionate about teaching yoga as a spiritual practice through the method of Jivamukti Yoga. He cultivates the awareness of breath, elevated intentions and links it with the art form of sequencing asana postures in a vinyasa style. His integration of conscious hands on assists and uplifting music in class, offers a unique sense of joy-filled wonderment. With a mission to serve by offering these teachings, he makes great effort to create a seamless experience that inspires a deeper connection to Self, Earth and ALL beings.
Barre Instructor
Laura is a Certified Barre Fitness Instructor and has been teaching since 2014. She got her start at teaching Barre while living on the beautiful island of Kauai, where she taught Yoga-Barre and Barre Fundamental Workshops for 2 years. She went on to teach Prenatal Barre and Mom & Baby Barre classes after giving birth to her son in 2017. Laura has a background in dance and has had the privilege of dancing with the Minnesota Ballet, The University of Minnesota, and MTV. Laura holds a Bachelors degree in Communication and Film. She has a passion for helping others feel strong both mentally and physically through Barre. Her classes are both fun and challenging and her unique teaching style will keep you smiling throughout class!
kelsey Jo
Barre Instructor
Kelsey Jo is a certified barre instructor from the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association (IBBFA). She makes her were way out to the Monterey Bay from Toledo, Ohio where she found her true passion for fitness and the desire to grow as a person. Kelsey Jo graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University majoring in PGA Golf Management and is currently taking continuing education classes at Stanford to work towards her aspirations of becoming a broadcast journalist. Aside from teaching barre, Kelsey Jo is a PGA Golf Professional at Pebble Beach Golf Links. She is certified in TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) where she measures the physical limitations of the body. Reaching towards the next step and awareness are two major areas of focus of hers. Inside and outside the classroom, she is known for smiling and keeping a positive attitude. You will always find Kelsey Jo going the extra mile and motivating her students to set new limits and goals for themselves. Attend a class and leave feeling inspired, confident and strong!