Satyam YTT 200 Reviews

“I feel the well-rounded curriculum has prepared me to teach yoga effectively with my own style while keeping various bodies safe in all poses.” –Roxy, 27

“The Satyam YTT was life changing. The training not only improved my practice, it broadened my understanding of yoga in general. I learned that there is so much more to yoga than just the poses!” –Krista, 31

“So worthwhile! I now have a foundation that not only advances my practice, but will allow me to share it with others.” –Neil, 55

“I felt deeply thankful and privileged for the quality of each instructor within this program. Their depth of knowledge and years of experience were such a valuable resource.” –Sarah-Jane, 28

“A program for all ages and all levels of practitioner, Satyam 200 is the most welcoming, integrative training I’ve experienced. You will be educated, enlightened and spiritually and physically nourished. I cannot recommend this program highly enough!” –Dina, 51