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Yoga Workshops & Wellness Events

Om Studios is excited to bring a variety of yoga workshops and wellness events to the Monterey Bay.

Revival Community Yoga Class

Sunday June 18th 10-11:20
Get Well with Danielle

BioImageOm Studios Monterey $30

This unique class will be taught by Danielle and Jacquie, two massage therapists who will teach you Thai and Tui Na Massage. This is a combination yoga class to help you feel good and leave with valuable tools to continue your self-care.

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 Cultivating Your Home Practice

When: July 1  2-4:00pm Maria

Where: Om Monterey $25 before June 24, $35 after


As a yoga teacher, one of the questions I hear most is, How do you find time to practice? The secret is, my home practice isn’t always a 60 or 90 minute flow, it’s about building yoga into my daily routines.
In this workshop, we will create and learn several series of postures which you can build into your life. We will also learn how to listen to what our bodies are saying to us and respond with the appropriate practice. Whether you suffer from low energy in the afternoons or neck and shoulder pain at work, we will build a practice which addresses your needs.

Upon registering for this workshop, please email me at with your top 3 physical, mental or energetic needs that we can address through the design of a home practice. I look forward to working together to create a practice which suits the needs of your life. As they say, the practice truly begins when we step off the mat.


3 Week Multi-Apparatus Workshop

Where: Om Studios Carmel

Cost: $80 for all 3 days or $30 drop in



For the first time in Om Studios history, the Lyra and Silks join forces for an epic workshop you won’t want to miss! We will be offering a 2-hour work shop for 3 consecutive Fridays (6/30/17, 7/7/17, and 7/14/17) from 6 PM to 8 PM. Each workshop will build on the skills from the week before.
This is geared for beginners, so if you have been wanting to try aerial arts but weren’t sure of your skill level, or if you weren’t sure which apparatus was for you, this is workshop to try! Come join us and have fun swinging from the rafters!

What to wear: Tight fitting yoga clothes are usually all you need to practice aerial. Wear tight starchy pants that go past your knees and bring an extra shirt with long sleeves to wear over a tank top. Other options include wearing a leotard and tights with stirrups. No jewelry. No shoes or socks when on the silks.

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