Private Yoga/ Off-Site Yoga

 What is Private or Mobile Yoga?

We bring the practice and equipment to you! Many people never pursue or continue a yoga practice because they’re discouraged by parking, traffic, and crazy schedules. So we decided to offer  “mobile” classes and bring them to you! The options are endless: corporate settings, office spaces, schools, wedding venues or the privacy of your own home. Classes can also be in either yoga

  • Yoga class will be tailored to your needs (meditative, physical, restorative) targeting your specific goals
  • Classes and any needed equipment ( mats, straps, blocks etc) can be delivered to your location of choice
  • 30-60 minutes and a small open space is all you need  (calculate a minimum of 32 sq ft for every student. This accounts for a 2’x 6′ mat and extra room to students to comfortably extend limbs and teacher to move around.  If your space is 500 sq ft, you can accommodate 16 people).


$115 for a 60-minute session (20% discount for a recurring/book a package of 4 or more sessions)

$95 for a 45-minute session (20% discount  for recurring/book a package of 4 or more sessions)

$70 for a 30-minute session (20% discount for recurring/book a package of 4 or more sessions)

These are all flat rates, so the more students, the better value!

Additional discounts are available if you’re flexible on schedule. We’re happy to explore additional options for your organization.

Note that for driving considerable distances beyond the Monterey area, we add a fuel surcharge of $20.

To book or for further information please contact: