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SarahI believe that nutrition is not just about food, it is about living a lifestyle that promotes wellness. I love working with clients one on one to create a personalized, sustainable diet that includes cooking with whole foods. I take a very sustainable and easy approach to weight-loss and weight maintenance. I also enjoy working with athletes to optimize their nutrition for sustainable energy.

  • Holistic Wt Loss
  • Nutrition for Athletes
  • Cleansing & Fasting
  • Grocery Shopping Tours

Cate Ritter
Certified Nutritionist & Kitchen Coach

CateNutrition can be a complex, and overwhelming subject. With restrictive “diets” and difficult recipes, it’s challenging to decide the best solution to meet your health and weight loss goals.

I focus on making small daily changes that can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle to deliver the greatest impact on how you look, feel and perform. I provide a flexible approach to building a solid nutrition foundation, without compromising on flavor or fun.

Whether your objective is to lose weight, eat better, or reduce your risk of illness, you’ll find the information, advice and support you need to take your health to the next level.

    • Weight Loss & Detox
    • Reducing Inflammation
    • Food Sensitivities/Allergies
    • Improving Digestion
    • Balancing Hormones
    • Nutrition Coaching
    • Grocery Shopping Trips
    • In-Home Cooking Sessions
    • Meal Planning
    • Corporate Wellness Programs
    • Simple – The least you need to know for maximum results
    • Fun – Exciting ways of enjoying food that inspire healthier eating
    • Delicious – Pleases even the pickiest of eaters
    • Doable – Fits into a busy schedule

Cate Ritter is the owner and operator of Cate’s Nutrition Kitchen and THE LEAN 18 nutrition coaching programs at Poppy Hills Golf Course in Pebble Beach, CA.

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