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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks Classes


Learn the art of of aerial silks to stay in shape, express yourself and most importantly…have fun!sam2

Want to get in shape fast but hate the idea of going to the gym? Have fun while getting fit as you drastically improve your strength, flexibility and coordination practicing this circus art. You’ll be impressed with the amazing skills you’ll be able to do even on your first class!

Different from aerial yoga, aerial silks class offers a much more invigorating and challenging exercise of the body, mind and spirit. Unlike aerial yoga, this class emphasizes full-body strength conditioning.

Aerial silks classes are open to all levels, regardless of strength/flexibility. We currently offer beginner classes, children classes and mixed-level classes. Modifications can be made for everyone. Check the schedule and class descriptions to see which class is right for you!

Classes consist of warm-ups, conditioning technique training, and deep stretching.

What to wear: Tight fitting clothing that covers legs and armpits. No jewelry.

Please sign up online as space is very limited and classes fill up quickly.

Drop-in rate…………$25
4 class package……$90
10 class package….$200

 New Student Special Unlimited classes for 1 month $99


Private Lessons:

Private aerial lessons are beneficial to students looking for individualized instruction. Sessions are designed precisely with the student in mind and provide a more personalized touch compared to that of a group class. When booking your private lesson, keep in mind that you will get the most of your session if you come prepared to work on predetermined skills and goals.

$65 per hour (for one person)
$100 per hour for semi private (up to 3 people)
$150 per hour (up to 6 people)

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